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Case Study



Time to Complete

8.5 months

Technology Used


Project Brief

MedLiv is a digital healthcare platform that aims to solve inadequacies of the healthcare delivery system through technology. We are providing a platform to the people who seek for health care checkups and services at home at a reasonable and affordable price. It is a super easy platform due to its user-friendly interface. This platform aimed to save up to 70% on every single booking of various tests and packages by comparing across multiple labs. The test results are secure and always accessible from any device online. All labs are certified and 100% verified to ensure the highest accuracy of the reports.

Faced Challenges

Our development team faced numerous challenges during the development. One of the most significant challenges was integrating the online booking system with multiple lab systems. This required a lot of teamwork and communication with lab systems providers to ensure that patients' lab test results were accurately transmitted between the booking system and the lab systems. Another challenge was optimizing the online booking system's performance to handle a lot of traffic during peak hours. The team implemented load balancing and caching mechanisms and designed a user-friendly interface to guide patients through the booking process. Additionally, the team had to work with payment gateways to integrate payment systems into the booking system. Lastly, the team had to make sure the online booking system complied with all regulatory requirements related to data privacy, patient consent, and lab testing procedures. Despite these challenges, MedLiv project was a resounding success, providing patients with a convenient and efficient way to schedule their lab tests and receive their results online.

The Solutions

The MedLiv project faced several challenges, but the development team came up with some innovative solutions. For instance, integrating with multiple lab required a lot of coordination and testing, but the team worked closely with different lab providers to ensure seamless communication between the booking system and the lab systems. Additionally, the team added a price comparison feature, which allowed patients to compare prices from different labs and choose the one that offered the best value for their money. This feature was valuable for patients and helped them save money on their healthcare costs. Together, these solutions made the project a huge success and provided patients with a convenient and cost-effective way to schedule their lab tests.

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